Top 5 Summer Essentials

In the scorching hot Vegas sun, I cannot survive the summer without some key items. Of course, water, sunscreen, and sunglasses are on the top of my list, but in Las Vegas those are essentials for basically every season.


My Summer Essentials for 2014:


1. Midi/Maxi Dresses This item has to be one of my favorites for the summertime. I am pretty tall, so it is pretty difficult for me to find items in my length, but thanks to the midi/maxi dress I do not have to worry about things being too short. This piece provides an easy, carefree look and can easily be transformed into something glamorous. I love the convenience and comfort that these dresses provide. Definitely one of my staple summer pieces. I currently love this Asos Dress.


2. Fruit Clutches/Bags This is one of the most exciting summer trends I have seen. Bags inspired by summer fruit? Can you say adorable? I am honestly so upset that I do not own one of my own. Whether it’s a grapefruit bag or a watermelon clutch, it will add the perfect pop of fun to any outfit. One of my favorite youtubers has a video of fruit inspired clothing for the summer


3. Fruit The most refreshing part of the summer is the actual fruit. If I’m not caught with a plate of fresh fruits in my hand then you can find me with either a fruit smoothie or a fruit infused water. Throughout the summer my refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruit to make the hot summer a little more bearable.


4. Portable Speakers Having music while relaxing in the sun is a must for my summer. For my birthday my boyfriend bought me a Modal Portable Bluetooth Speaker and my life has never been the same. Portable speakers are so convenient because of their compact size, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is perfect to play when lounging by the pool!


5. Palazzo Pants/ Joggers Like I said before, I absolutely love being comfortable, which is why I love these pants. They come in so many fun patterns, which makes them both cute and comfortable. For lazy days I love being able to throw these pants on because they honestly feel like I’m wearing pajamas. I’m loving these Forever 21 pants.



What are your summer essentials?
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