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Honey Face Wash Results

Left: Day 1 | Right: Day 25


After using raw honey as a face wash for several weeks, I have noticed that my skin now has a vibrant glow to it. Unfortunately, the honey has not completely prevented new breakouts, but it does quickly eliminate any breakouts that occur. With this being said, if I want to maintain clear skin I cannot simply depend on the honey wash; I will need to drink much more water, eat better, and add an exfoliation method to my routine. With those changes, I believe I will be on the healthy road to clear skin in no time. I know this post is extremely overdue, but as promised, here are my results.


Overall, the raw honey wash has made my skin clearer, which makes me feel good about my decision to try it out.


Have you tried washing your face with honey? If so, were you happy with the results? 
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