Black Friday 2014

This Black Friday weekend I found a couple of deals I couldn’t pass up on. I went to my local Goodwill store yesterday, where the entire store was 40% off (excluding red, black, and yellow tags). When I walked in, to my surprise, there was another sale going on; 50% off green and purple tags. I figured the store would be super crowded with these amazing deals, but there were barely any customers shopping. I think everyone headed to the mall instead. Thank goodness, because I found two amazing steals and avoided the crazy crowds. Although I didn’t get much, I would say my Black Friday weekend was a success.



Topshop Top – $1.50


Minnie Mouse Ears – $1.80
At regular price these two items would have cost me approximately $40. With Goodwill’s prices I spent a total of $3.30. That’s about 90% in savings. Thank you Goodwill! I look forward to next years’ sales.

What deals did you guys find for Black Friday?

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