Experiencing San Francisco

Taken near Union Square: I was amazed by how steep the streets were. I am used to flat land so this was definitely a shocker to me. I was definitely not in the right shape to endure these streets, but somehow I managed. Kudos to locals, because I would not be able to walk these intense slopes on an everyday basis.


At the beginning of this month I traveled to San Francisco and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the beautiful city. Since it was my first time in this city, I searched for popular attractions I should visit. While searching for things to do in this new city, most of the sites suggested visiting the major shopping districts. I ended up listening to the site recommendations and visited Union Square. Once arriving, I was utterly disappointed. The shopping district was impressive, but I realized that I do not want to spend my trip shopping at brand name stores that are available in my hometown. I actually became a little bit discouraged by the fact that the shopping district was recommended as a popular attraction, especially since San Francisco is a gorgeous city, with much more to offer. The trip made me realize how much we as consumers are influenced by these branded stores. Honestly, this was a strange realization because I know if I had visited San Francisco this time last year, I would have loved spending every second shopping at these stores. I am not sure if this is a result of me growing up, but I am glad that shopping districts are no longer an attraction for me. On another note, while in San Francisco, I did visit some enjoyable places.

Here are some snapshots from my San Francisco trip:



miniature-replica-of-disneylandTaken at the Walt Disney Family Museum: This museum had a huge collection of Walt Disney’s original drawings and art work from his childhood and from his career. I was most impressed with the exhibit featuring a miniature replica of Disneyland.Β 


city -lights-bookstore-sign
Taken at City Lights Bookstore:This three-story bookstore was amazing. There were so many books to choose from and the overall environment was so relaxing. Plus, they were open late at night, which is always convenient.


What’s your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

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