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Lately, looking for cute and inexpensive jewelry has been such a challenge for me. Luckily, this week I struck gold and found so many amazing pieces on clearance at Kohl’s and at a local thrift shop. I am so happy that my search for jewelry is over and I am in love with each and every piece.

1. Statement Necklace -Kohl’s Clearance – $4.99
2. Gem Necklace -Kohl’s Clearance – $3.99
3. Bow Bracelet -Kohl’s Clearance – $4.99
4. Rhinestone Earrings -Kohl’s Clearance – $3.99
5. * Layered Necklace – Thrifted – $1.00

| * = Thrifted |

Have you guys found any good deals on jewelry recently?

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