The Curl Files

The Curl Files – feat. Myself


Left: February 2012 | Right: June 2012


1) Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Tyler! I am the blogger behind Thrifts and Tangles!


2) How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for almost three years now.


3) What made you decide to go natural?
I went natural for several reasons. The first reason is I discovered the natural community on Youtube and became inspired to wear my hair natural. The second reason is my friends encouraged me to start wearing my hair curly. The third reason is after getting a drastic haircut, I realized how damaged my hair was and decided to lay off perms and heat.


4Did you do the big chop or did you transition?
I transitioned.


5) What was the hardest part of going natural in the beginning?
The hardest part was finding products that were right for my hair.


6) Did you care what others would think about your hair? Do you still care?
Yes, a little bit. At first, I was afraid to wear my hair outside of protective styles because it was so “noticeable,” But I am not afraid anymore. Now I love wearing my hair in wash and gos. I even pick it out to make it bigger.


7) How did others react to your hair in the beginning? How do they react now?
People supported my decision in the beginning and they still do. I would say I have gotten a positive reaction overall.


natural-hair-growthLeft: September 2015 | Right: November 2015


8) Have you faced any struggles from being natural in school or in the work place?
No, thankfully I have not faced any struggles in school or in the workplace.


9) What is your current hair regime?
I shampoo and deep condition my hair once every two or three weeks. For styling, I wet my hair, apply Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, apply Shea Moisture’s Curl Milk, then seal with Grape Seed Oil. I dry my hair with a t-shirt and once it’s dry I pick it out to give it more volume.


10) What products do you love?
I am currently loving Camille Rose Natural’s Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, SheaMoisture Conditioning Curl Milk, and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner.


11) What is/are your favorite hairstyle(s)?
My favorite hairstyles are wash and gos, side fros, and top knot buns.


12) What is your hair motto?
The bigger the better.


13) What’s the best part about being natural? What is the hardest part?

The best part is the sense of community. Whenever I see a fellow natural I automatically feel a connection with them. The hardest part is keeping up with my routine and detangling!


14) What tips or advice would you give others that are starting their natural hair journey or thinking about starting?

Be patient! The journey may be difficult at first, but it is totally worth it in the end.



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