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With the holidays approaching I wanted to share my thoughts about giving gifts from the thrift store. I know many people have a stigma towards thrifted gifts, but I never understood why. I think thrifted gifts are sometimes more thoughtful and personal than a gift bought from the mall. As you all know, I am biased due to my love for thrifting, but thrift stores really do have some great gifts to offer.


Here are some examples of gift worthy items that can be found at the thrift store:


Gift Certificates Many people are surprised to find out that several thrift stores offer gift certificates during the holiday season. This is a quick and easy gift to give to that thrifty someone in your life.

Old Records Thrift stores have a great selection of old vinyls that any music lover would enjoy.

Vintage Clothing Some of the best vintage clothing items can be found in thrift shops. Imagine how the fashion lover in your life would react to receiving a vintage handbag or a vintage fur coat.

Books Who doesn’t love a good book? Thrift stores offer a huge selection of coffee table books, recipe books, children’s books, novels, etc. Last year I actually gifted a close friend of mine some thrifted children books written in Spanish to help her learn the language. She loved the gift and I was able to help out the community with my purchase.

DIY Gifts If you were planning on making someone a homemade gift, consider checking out your local thrift store for materials. You can probably score some supplies for a really low price.

Some other great items include housewares, jewelry, collectibles, and artwork.


What are your thoughts on giving and/or receiving a thrifted gift? 
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