DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater


I got a last minute invitation to an ugly sweater party, so I had to quickly come up with an outfit idea. Luckily, when I went thrifting the other day I found a Christmassy doll that looked perfect to throw onto an ugly sweater. This may be the easiest DIY in the history of DIYs. So let’s begin:


  • Plain Sweater
  • Christmassy Doll
  • Safety Pins


  1. Put on the sweater
  2. Place doll in the middle of the sweater
  3. Safety pin the doll onto the sweater
  4. *Optional* Tie a jingle bell necklace around the doll’s neck


Easy right?! I didn’t win the ugly sweater contest (I lost to the light up Christmas tree), but at least I had an outfit to wear. And the best part is I didn’t have to spend any extra money. I already owned the sweater and safety pins, and the store clerk gave me the doll for free!


What is your favorite ugly sweater design?
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