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Lately I have been loving these two beauty products. The first is a espresso infused natural lip balm that I picked up from local coffee shop, Sambalatte. The second is what’s left of my raw african black soap that I picked up from Raw Remedies, a local salon/organic beauty supplier. I use both of these products daily and I’m not even exaggerating when I say I don’t know how I went 22 years of my life without them.


My boyfriend said it best, “I spend most of my time trying to remove the smell of coffee from my clothing, let alone my lips.” Originally, I felt the same way, but boy was I wrong. I am beginning to love the smell of espresso on my lips, it brings me comfort. I think he is starting to warm up to the scent as well.


This lip balm is made from all-natural products, which is perfect for my sensitive lips. The ingredients include: sunflower oil, espresso, shea butter, beeswax, and peppermint oil. These natural ingredients do wonders on my lips, leaving them extremely moisturized. I will definitely be going back to buy more once this one runs out.


I am also loving this 100% natural raw african black soap. The ingredients include palm oil, shea butter, and the ashes of plantain leaves, palm leaves, and cocoa pods. I use this soap daily to cleanse my face. I have noticed my skin becoming clearer since using this product. Also, keep in mind that this photo is featuring half of the soap bar, because I have already used the other half.

What beauty products have you been loving?

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