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Is anyone else in denial that summer is coming to an end? I know I can’t be the only one. This summer I learned a lot of lessons and discovered a lot of new places. One of the coolest places I discovered (thanks to photographer @smallerocean) was a rooftop in downtown Las Vegas. I didn’t even realize Vegas had cute rooftops – I always thought those were exclusive to LA or NY.


(Photo credit: Smaller Ocean)

Along with discovering new places, I also discovered a new outfit combination — graphic tees and denim skirts. Normally I wear my graphic tees with jeans, but I think I like this look way more. Plus, I am trying to keep cool in this 115 degree weather. I’m glad I’m discovering new things, because life starts to get boring when things stay the same.


Outfit Details

* Top – J. Crew
* Skirt – American Apparel


| * = Thrifted |


What have you discovered this summer?
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