Mannequin Match-Up #1

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I always try to encourage my friends to go shopping at their local thrift stores rather than going to the mall, because thrift stores usually offer the same items at a way better price. This fact alone led me to create the "Mannequin Match-Up" challenge. In this video series, I'll be recreating looks from the mall for less at my local thrift store.

For my first video, I decided to head to H&M to see if I could successfully recreate their mannequin looks at the thrift store. Although H&M is pretty affordable (outfits typically under $50), I was able to recreate their mannequin looks at the thrift store for a way less (outfits under $10). Watch the video below to see the looks.

Watch the video below:

Feel free to join in on this challenge by creating your own mannequin recreations. Make sure you share you recreated looks on social media with the hashtag #MannequinMatchUp.

Which recreated look was your favorite?

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