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Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Every year, I am that person who decides to wait last-minute to buy a Halloween costume. As a result of my procrastination, I tend to lean towards animal costumes, because they are quick, easy, and adorable! This year, I teamed up with my local Savers Thrift Store, to create an inexpensive, head-to-toe thrifted costume, that I won't be ashamed to wear in public.

Teddy bear costume

If you are like me, and also decided to wait last-minute to get a costume, don't fret. Savers is your one-stop shop for Halloween! They have new and used costume and accessory options, which makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind look. When shopping for my costume, I was torn between being a magician, a mermaid, a teddy bear, or a fairy nymph. Their aisles are filled with hundreds of choices. Although it is a secondhand store, during Halloween you can find new packaged costumes, makeup, wigs, and accessories at a fraction of their original price. I ended up scoring my DIY costume for a little under $30!

teddy bear halloween costume

If you have really procrastinated on brainstorming a costume, Savers has in-store costume consultants who can help you create a unique look with DIY Halloween costumes. Basically, if you haven't bought or thought of a costume yet, it's not too late. Plus, I think the best ideas & costumes are created last minute. :P

teddy bear costume last-minute

I am "beary" pleased with this costume. Especially since the dress, bear, ribbon, ears, and shoes were all from Savers. But I'd like to say I am most proud of the teddy bear ears, which were originally ear muffs.

white bear halloween costume

Although I procrastinated creating a costume, I am now ready for the Halloween festivities! I'd love to see what costumes you all come up with. Be sure to share them with the hashtag #ThriftorTreat.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

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Disclosure: This post is a part of a partnership between Thrifts and Tangles and Savers. All opinions are my own.

The Curl Files - Feat. Jacx

Everyone meet Jacx, a gorgeous and creative soul. She has been natural since the beginning. Although she has been natural all her life, she decided she needed a fresh start and performed the big chop. This big chop initiated her loc journey. Now, years later, she confidently rocks her locs in a casual bun to stay cool in this Vegas heat.

natural hair journey
Left: 2009 | Right: 2010
1) Please introduce yourself. My name is Jacx, born in New York, raised in Las Vegas. As an “old soul” I don’t have any personal social media pages because I’d rather be out doing something constructive with my life. After Myspace I was pretty much over it. I absolutely adore everything about ART, traveling, and learning.

2) How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural my entire life. The only difference is that I wore styles that I could take down and change. Like box braids, coco puffs, press and curl, ect.

3) What made you decide to go natural?
Like I said, I’ve been natural. More specifically, what made me want dreads was my talking to God and realizing that no matter what, everything is everything.

4) Did you do the big chop or did you transition?
Before I stopped combing my hair, I did cut all my hair off to start fresh, so I did the big chop.

5) What was the hardest part of going natural in the beginning?
I didn’t have any problems going natural even with my shortest hair because like I said, I’ve always had natural hair. Not having to use a hot comb and get my head yanked at anymore was not a problem for me.

6) Did you care what others would think about your hair? Do you still care?
I definitely did not care and still do not care.

big chop journey
Left: 2011 | Right: 2012
7) How did others react to your hair in the beginning? How do they react now?
When I first cut off all my hair everybody loved the look. Now that it has grown out and I let it do its own thing, my family members keep trying to convince me to get it retwisted.

8) Have you faced any struggles from being natural in school or in the workplace?
No, but I only think it’s due to the fact that they don’t know specifically what my hair style is and they love it. I may not comb my hair, but I know how to present and carry myself.

9) What is your current hair regimen?
My current hair regimen is to just let it be.

10) What products do you love?
I love natural products with one ingredient in it like aloe vera, coconut oil, or kitchen oils because you can use it on every part of your body. Not to mention how it’s also good for your nails.

11) What is your favorite hairstyle?
My favorite hairstyle changes with the season. In the summer short hair is always cute while in the winter big curly hairstyles are fly and warm too. Or if you’re asking about MY personal favorite hairstyle then I would also have to say that it changes with the seasons, so for now my favorite style is a bun. It keeps me cool in the hot summer sun.

loc journey natural hair
Left: 2013 | Right: 2014
12) What is your hair motto?
Thick hair is better than long stringy hair.

13) What's the best part about being natural? What is the hardest part?
The best part about being natural is the amount of money you will save by just loving yourself as the person God made you to be. The hardest part is people always wanting to touch it.

14) What tips or advice would you give others that are starting their natural hair journey or thinking about
Just do it and see how it goes. It’s just hair, but your pockets will thank you. If you’re just starting have fun with the short hairstyles because when your hair starts getting longer it’s going to be more work.

15) What would you tell your younger self about your natural hair?
I’d tell my younger self, “You’d never believe what you’re going to do with you hair.”
What part of Jacx's hair journey inspired you the most?

Author Ming Xing Book Giveaway

I've teamed up with local author, Ming Xing, to bring you a book giveaway. Ming Xing is a talented author and illustrator. Make sure you check out her website for book reviews, new products, and other enjoyable content.

1) Dressing for God:
This is the perfect book for the modest fashionista. This book is about how to carry yourself as a Proverbs 31 woman. Inside you will find fashion tips for every occasion, secret style tips, personal stories, and even a drawing of Tupac. 

2) Fashion Croquis:
This book is perfect book for the fashion designer or illustrator. This book is the ultimate tool to help you create your own fashion designs. This book contains:
(3) sheets of tracing paper
(2) sheets of sketching paper
(1) bristol board
(1) croquis template (front & back)

Giveaway Rules:
- Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. 
- Must be a US resident 
- Must be at least 18 years of age to enter
- Two winners (Please comment which book you prefer to win)
- Accepting entries until Friday, October 21st
- Check back here on Saturday, October 22nd to see who won

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Las Vegas Thrift Store Sale Days

Las Vegas thrift store discount calendar

Let me share with you some of the reasons why I love thrifting:
  1. The affordable prices 
  2. The sale days (which make prices even more affordable)
  3. It makes my wallet and I happy 
  4. Great for my college budget 
  5. I can buy food using the money I saved from thrifting
  6. Basically, I love the fact that thrifting makes me feel frugal!
Shopping on discount days is actually one of my biggest thrift tips. Try to go thrift shopping on deal days that apply to you, to maximize your savings. This calendar applies to Las Vegas stores only. If you are not a Vegas local, make sure to call your local thrift stores to find out your discount deal days.

What day(s) do you like to go thrifting?

Natural Hair Salons in Las Vegas

natural hair salons in Las Vegas, Nevada

Several people ask me about natural hair salons in Las Vegas, so I decided to compile a list of some salons in the community. I hope this list continues to grow, but I'll need your help. Make sure to comment below telling me who I've missed.

Adja African Hair Braiding Salon
This salon specializes in traditional African hair braiding.
Location: 5104 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89146
Phone: (877) 354-5311
Instagram: @adjaafricanhairbraiding

Darby's Hairitage Salon
This salon specializes in locs and natural hair care.
Location: 101 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89145
Phone: (702) 462-5030
Instagram: @darbyshair    

Radically Curly
This salon specializes in natural curly hair (all textures), coloring, shaping, and styling.
Location: 170 S Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson NV 89102
Phone: (702) 825-0394
Instagram: @radicallycurly

Raw Remedies
This salon specializes in starter locs, loc care, bantu knots, comb coils, braids, twists, chemical
repairs, hair cuts, and natural hair/beauty products.
Location: 203 E Colorado Ave, Las Vegas NV 89104
Phone: (702) 303-9520
Instagram: @rawremedies

Smooth Operators Salon and Day Spa
This full service salon specializes in natural hair, relaxed hair, locs, press & curl, flat
iron, short cuts, weaves, braids, dreads, fades, and mohawks.
Location: 3507 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169
Phone: (702) 289-2994
Instagram: @smoothoperators_salon
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Have you been to any of these salons? If so, please share your experience below.