Today I am sharing photos from the collaborative gallery, “HER”. This photo series, directed by photographers Jasmine Leon and David Zhsu, was designed to “celebrate the raw, authentic moments that makes our insecurities imperfectly, perfect.” On December 30, 2016, this gallery opened at Fruition, an upscale clothing retailer in Las Vegas, NV.


I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a model for this project. I can honestly say I have never been a part of something so eye-opening. This project forced me to acknowledge and accept my insecurities. It also led me to question when, where, and how my insecurities were formed. Was I always insecure… or did society lead me to develop a false sense of beauty?


All of the photos were printed in black and white. They also remained unedited.

Don’t let society morph you into something that feels unnatural.


I think Alicia Keys said it best, “All women are naturally badass!”
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