$20 Thrift Challenge - Valentine's Day

I have been wanting to complete the $20 thrift challenge for the longest time, however every time I tried to do it, I could not seem to put an outfit together. With Valentine's Day coming up, and my desire to find a cute outfit, I decided to attempt the challenge one more time.

I found these four pieces for a total of $16. I thought these pieces would be perfect for a day and night Valentine's Day look. I paid $2 for the pink crop top, $5 for the blue denim skirt, $4 for the black tank top, and $5 for the black lace skirt.

Look 1:

I paired the pink crop top and denim skirt with some thrifted pieces I already had in my wardrobe. I went for a very casual, daytime friendly look here. This would be perfect for a casual lunch date or even a Galentine's Day get together.

Chokers are definitely trending right now. I bought this choker from Charolette Russe for $2.

I thought this quirky belt tied this look and colors together. I thrifted this belt a while ago for $1.

I am notorious for wearing ugly flats, so I was excited when I finally found this cute pair of flats at Goodwill for $10.

Look 2:

I am loving this outfit, even though it's not your traditional Valentine's Day look. For this nighttime look, I opted for an orange blazer, simply because I don't own a red, pink, or white blazer. This look is perfect for a Valentine's dinner. I think this pop of color is so bold, for an otherwise, simple outfit.

I thrifted this blazer a few months ago, but I can't remember the price of it for the life of me.

I am not one to wear heels, but they work so well with this outfit. I thrifted these heels for $7.50. Plus, I am a sucker for anything pointed toe.

The lace details on this skirt had me almost drooling

With or without the blazer, this look is definitely Valentine's Day appropriate

Outfit 1 Details:
** Necklace -  Charlotte Russe
  * Top - Forever 21
  * Skirt - Unknown
  * Flats- Forever 21
  * Belt - Unknown

Outfit 2 Details:
** Necklace -  Charlotte Russe
  * Top - Rosette by Be Cool
  * Skirt - Nordstrom 
  * Heels - Republic LA
  * Clutch - Unknown

| * = Thrifted |
| ** = Sale |

Watch the video below:

Which outfit do you prefer?