Off the Shoulder Trend

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Off Shoulder Trend

I love to experiment with different styles, whether it be grunge, bohemian, hipster, etc. During the warmer months, I am a sucker for anything girly or ruffley (is that a word?). I was thrilled when I found this off the shoulder top at Savers, because this piece has been trending lately. By thrifting this top, I was able to try a new trend, without spending a lot of money. I bought the top for $4.20. My verdict on this trend? The off the shoulder top is cute, but its a hassle! I feel like the shoulders kept falling. Any tips on how to prevent that from happening?

If you like to experiment with your style and trends, I would suggest going to the thrift store; that way you can find trendy pieces without spending a lot of money.

Outfit Details:
* Top - Forever 21
* Sandals - Forever 21
   Shorts - Hottie's World

| * = Thrifted |

What styles do you want to try?

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