My Favorite Natural Hair YouTubers

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I cannot thank YouTube enough for the impact it made on my natural hair journey. I felt so lost and confused about taking care of my hair, until I discovered YouTube's natural hair community. I still remember the first time I discovered women with hair similar to my own. It was definitely a life changer. I'm pretty sure I have 3C/4A curls based on various charts, such as this one. Once I self-proclaimed my hair type, I feel like that made my hair research waaaaaaay easier in terms of finding products and creating a hair routine.

Here are my favorite YouTubers that helped me figure out how to care for my 3C/4A hair

UrbanBushBabes (I still use every product Nikisha recommended :P ):

Chime (HairCrush):


Who are you favorite natural hair YouTubers?

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