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Last Saturday, I attended a summer clothing swap hosted by The Sister House Collective (a super cute store containing a highly ethically curated collection of handcrafted items), Salex (an online boutique specializing in high quality recycled fashion), and Minimal Market ( a pop-up company selling waste-free handcrafted goods). The three companies collabed to create one of the most exciting sustainable events I’ve seen in Vegas.




I am still aweing over how cute the set up was. Everything was nicely organized by clothing type and the selection of clothes were so cute. The three companies even raffled of individual prizes, including a sustainable cutlery set, a gift card, and a box of tasty treats.

clothing swap raffle prize

sustainable cutlery

I’ve only been to a few clothing swap parties in my life (click here to see the last swap I attended), but I’ve learned that food is definitely a necessity! For this swap, Minimal Market provided homemade catering. This was my first time ever trying strawberry basil water and preserve. Those two things were definitely life changers for me.

minimal market food

strawberry basil water

minimal market las vegas jams

This event was literally so much fun. I met so many amazing people who cared about sustainability. I look forward to attending more events like this in the future. These three companies are really promoting a sense of community in Las Vegas. They also believe in helping the community, which is why all unswapped items were donated to Safe Tree afterwards.

clothing swap donations

If you’re curious, here are the items I brought to the swap:

Watch the video below:



Have you ever attended a clothing swap party?

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