Beauty Bash – Make Up Do’s & Dont’s


I know very little about doing makeup. After being alive for 23 years, I have come to terms with my lack of makeup skills. Since my makeup skills are total crap, I usually wear a bareface or mascara (if I’m feeling adventurous lol).


I was super excited when I received an invite to the Beauty Bash event at the Miracle Mile Shops, because I knew this was my opportunity to learn a thing or two about make up. The brands Mac, Sephora, Basin White, and NYX Professional Make Up not only slayed my face by giving me a makeover, but they also provided me with some helpful makeup do’s & dont’s. First, I wanted to share some photos from the event, then we will get into the tips.


The Sephora team slayed my nontour, contour look.


As I mentioned earlier, I rarely wear make up, so I wanted to mix things up by asking MAC to apply a bold lip color on me. After seeing myself with the bold lip, I was convinced that “issa look.”


I am still haunted by the fact that I didn’t buy this lip scrub & lip balm combo. These Basin White products are made from all-natural products and they smell & taste amazing. I am definitely going back to buy these. 


Here are some pretty NYX eye shadows for the fall. Notice the glitter!

Lastly, I made a friend at the event. Everyone meet Su (@su_real_mua)! Su and I had way too much in common and she slayed my eye make up. Thanks girl!



Now for the makeup tips (from the experts):


• Do exfoliate lips before applying a lip product
• Do moisturize lips
• Do apply a lip liner before applying lip stick
• Do opt for darker colors this fall


• Do use a lighter shade for the brows
• Do apply small, thin strokes to fill the brows
• Do make the brows sisters, NOT twins.
• Do opt to use a concealer underneath the brows to make them POP!
• Do rock a bold brow & bold lip for the fall


• Do keep it minimal (the experts call this a “nontour”)
• Do apply your blush or highlighter to the top of your cheeks and swipe up to your temples (The experts call this “draping”)
• Do opt for a natural contour/nontour this fall



What are your top 3 make up tips?


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  • Darlene Fadem
    July 29, 2017 at 6:42 am

    Hey girl! I ran into someone that I 'thought' was you…she wasn't…but she knew you! It was @DrivenBoutique Friday night. Okay, now on to my top three makeup tips because I LOVE MAKEUP!
    1. Have fun with it! Your face is the canvas and you are the artist, create something beautiful! If it doesn't turn out the way you want it, just wash it off! EasyPeasy 2. Use a primer…one for your face and one for your lids, to keep your makeup from sliding off in this Vegas heat. 3. You can never go wrong with a classic red lip. Might I suggest my personal fave Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cheerleader! Hooray!! Have a great weekend!

  • Tyler Chanel
    July 30, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Hey! That is hilarious! Aww, @drivenboutique is a sweetie, such a small world lol.

    Thank you for sharing your makeup tips. I always forget to use a primer, which is why my face melts off after about an hour in this heat! lol. Also, I completely agree, makeup should be fun and you can never go wrong with a red lip <3