How to Host a Clothing Swap Party


Clothing swap parties are currently on the rage in Vegas, or so it seems! I have scored such great items at each swap I’ve attended (see what I got at swap 1 and swap 2). I enjoyed the swap parties so much that I decided to host my own clothing swap. So I guess I’ve been to a total of 3 (click here to see what I got from the swap I hosted)! If you are thrifty, like myself, you would enjoy clothing swaps because they are an inexpensive (often free) way to get new clothes. They are also an eco-friendly way to update your wardrobe.


Here are some tips for you to host your own clothing swap party:


C H O O S E    A    T H E M E

A good party always has a theme! Whether you decide to go with a specific color scheme or an actual party theme, guests will appreciate the fun and festive vibes.

Sustainable Fashion

C H O O S E    A    V E N U E

Pick a venue that you will be able to transform into a “swap” boutique. Make sure your venue is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. If you’re looking for free venue options, your living room or backyard should work just fine!

Clothing Swap Party

I N V I T E    G U E S T S

Invite your most stylish friends to the party. A group of 8-20 should be manageable. Try to invite at least 3-4 people so that everyone has a fair chance to swap for something in their size.

Las Vegas Clothing Swap Party

C R E A T E    A    B O U T I Q U E

My favorite swaps are always set up like clothing boutiques. Borrow or purchase clothing racks to display the clothes people bring. To take the swap to the next level, consider creating a “checkout” area, where people can get their clothes bagged up to go.
Clothing Swap Party

S E T    U P    R U L E S

Establish rules for your swap to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Set up an exchange system (with tickets or clothes pin), to keep track of how many items guests are allowed to swap for.

rules for clothing swap party

P R O V I D E    F O O D

What is a party without food? Be sure to feed your guests to avoid hangry shoppers. You can provide the food for your guests, or have a potluck, where everyone brings their own dish. Try to bring foods that aren’t super messy, to avoid getting the clothes dirty. Also, if your guests are 21+, consider providing alcoholic beverages.

fruit tray for clothing swap party

D O N A T E    T O    C H A R I T Y

Once your swap is over, bag up any leftover items and donate them to a local charity.

donations from clothing swap party

Watch the video below for more tips on hosting a clothing swap party:

Do you have any tips for hosting a clothing swap party?

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