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Thrifty Back-To-School Tips

Save money back to school shopping

It’s that time of year again, Back-to-School season! I’m not going to lie, I used to be so excited for back to school season because I loved shopping for school supplies and outfits. I miss having a reason to shop for new stationery and clothing. Even though I am a college graduate now (soo weird to say), I thought I’d share my thrifty tips with anyone entering college or university. These tips will hopefully save you time, stress, and most importantly, money!


1. Do buy your clothes from the thrift store:

Thrift stores usually have stylish pieces perfect for college, especially if you shop at thrift stores near your university (this is where college kids usually donate their clothes, which means there are usually inexpensive, trendy pieces waiting to be discovered)

2. Do buy your school supplies from the thrift store:

Don’t expect to find all of your supplies at the thrift store, but sometimes if you’re lucky you can find a nice backpack, notebook, planner, and/or pencil case. I have even seen packs of unused paper at the thrift store. Maybe try the thrift store first for supplies, then head to Amazon or Target afterwards for anything you can’t find.

3. Do not buy books from the University Bookstore:

Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way. Rather than spending $200 on a math textbook at your school’s bookstore, try buying the book elsewhere. Amazon and Chegg are great options for buying discounted textbooks. If you want to really save, consider renting your books rather than buying. You can also check out books for free from your school’s library or local library (I borrowed all of my books for my African-American Literature class from my local library, which saved me tons of $$$).

4. Do use student discounts:

Some companies give you perks just for being a student. Whether its a retail store, electronic store, restaurant, museum, insurance company, subscription service, etc. It’s surprising how many companies will provide a discount just from showing them your student id. Be sure to always ask stores if they offer student discounts before checking out. Here is a list of some popular stores that offer discounts to students.

5. Do use Cashback Websites and Promo Codes

When shopping online, save as much as possible by using cashback websites catered to students, such as Studentrates or Unidays. These websites provide you with discounts and/or cashback rebates. ย This is one of the smartest ways to online shop. Not only can you receive discounts, but you can also receive money back for shopping with specific vendors. Also, if you are ever looking for discount codes, Retailmenot is another great resource for discounts and cashback options (open to all, not just students).



What are your money saving back-to-school tips?

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