4 Must Have Natural Hair Products – In the Desert

Desert natural hair

Keeping naturally curly hair moisturized in the desert can be a daunting task. With the desert’s dry, harsh climate, it seems like it was designed to deprive us curly girls of moisture. Thankfully there are some products and tools available to restore moisture in even the dryest of climates.


Here are 4 products/tools that can help you retain moisture in the desert:


Shower Water Filter:

The desert is notorious for its “hard” water. Hard water contains harsh minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. When washing your hair with hard water, these minerals tend to build up, causing the hair to look dry and dull. Water softeners are a fix to this problem, but they are very expensive. Shower head filters are a cost-effective way to soften the desert water. Trust me, your hair and wallet will thank you.


Hair Steamer:

Dry weather makes it hard for hair to retain moisture. Thankfully, some brilliant person came up with the perfect tool to combat dryness in the desert…the steamer! This little gadget works wonders by opening the hair follicles, allowing for better moisture absorption. For extra moisture benefits, try steaming the hair while deep conditioning, you won’t regret it!


Mini Spray Bottles:

Always be ready to refresh your curls by packing a miniature spray bottle while on the go. Fill up the spray bottle with water, leave in conditioner, and a few drops of oil. When your hair starts to feel dry, spritz it back to life.

Silk/Satin Pillowcases:

In the desert, you need all of the moisture you can get. This is why satin/silk pillowcases are a must have. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk/satin pillowcases allow you to retain your natural oils and moisture. This way you can go to sleep peacefully without depriving your hair of moisture.



What are your must have hair products/tools for dry, hot climates?


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