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My Holy Grail Hair Products

For me, the hardest thing about transitioning to natural hair was finding hair products that worked well for my hair. At the beginning of my hair journey I was a HUGE product junkie. I would watch hundreds of YouTube videos about natural hair products and feel the need to purchase every item mentioned. After years of trying different products and combinations, I finally found my holy grail  hair and styling products. Sometimes will I try to experiment with different products and switch up my routine, but I always find myself coming back to these products. They work wonders on my 3c hair.

1. Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner
I fell in love with this conditioner the first time I used it. It is moisturizing, it smells good, it causes this really cool tingling sensation, and it is under $5. Some of the ingredients include purified water, tea tree, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. I love it's light texture, which makes it perfect to use as a leave-in conditioner.


2. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk
This product has never failed me. It makes my curls soft, bouncy and defined. It is an extremely moisturizing and affordable (under $10) styling cream. I love that this product is sulfate-free, paraben-free, mineral-oil-free. It also contains great ingredients including deionized water, shea butter, and coconut oil.

3. Tangle Teezer
Brushing my hair has never been easier. This little pink brush has impressed me time and time again when it comes to detangling my hair. I don't even use a comb anymore. I use this to brush my wet hair in the shower, and it removes every tangle and knot in sight.

4. Hair Pick
I feel like my hair isn't complete until I pick it out. When it comes to hair, I think bigger is better. This pick does the job and leaves my hair big and voluminous.

5 Reasons You Should Never Throw Away Old Clothes

Spring is finally here, which means it is time for spring cleaning! While most of us scramble to clean out our closets, I wanted to tell you to think twice before throwing out old clothes. In my mind, old clothes should NEVER be thrown away, no matter how worn out they may be. Instead of being trashcan happy, consider donating your old clothes. Pretty much every thrift store accepts old clothes no matter the condition. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should donate old clothes instead of throwing them away:

1.  Thrift stores repurpose old (raggedy) clothing:
Many thrift stores have partnerships and programs designed to reuse and repurpose raggedy clothing items. For example, Savers Thrift Store's website states, "we repurpose single socks and tattered clothing into rags for insulation." Old socks and jeans are the perfect materials to use for wall insulation. Another example is Goodwill's Good Wipes program where they repurpose items unsuitable for sale in the retail store into reusable cleaning clothes. No matter how worn and torn an item is, thrift stores can find another purpose for it.tattered clothing into rags for insulation. 

2. Donating old clothing reduces textile waste
The clothing industry is one of the world's largest polluters. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year. As mentioned in a previous post, we should aim to rewear, reuse, and recycle old clothing to reduce waste. In 2014, North America alone threw away 10.5 million tons of clothing, although 95% of it was recyclable. This problem will only continue to grow, if we don't change our actions. Start donating old clothing to keep them out of landfills.

3. You get something in return
You may be thinking "What's in it for me?" Well, many thrift stores will provide you with an in-store coupon to use on a future purchase. You can also receive a tax receipt so you can write-off your charitable donations. H&M has even started a garment collecting program. Last time I checked, they were giving 15% off coupons for donating a bag of clothes.

4. Creates jobs in third-world countries
Depending on the recycling chain a thrift store follows, sometimes the last link involved selling items in bulk to developing countries. This allows local business owners to purchase clothing at affordable prices to sell in the local marketplace. According to Savers, "providing items to developing nations helps create jobs, helps people earn a living wage, and allows people to reinvest their earnings into their local economy."

5. Donations help support nonprofit organizations
Thrift stores almost always help nonprofit organizations. Do your research to find out which nonprofit organization your thrift stores help. Non-profit thrift stores use the money earned to fund certain programs, while for-profit thrift stores pay organizations for their donations. This payment also helps fund programs. No matter what the model is, thrift stores are designed to help the community.

Watch the video below:

What are your reasons for throwing away or donating old items?

Playing With Textures

Spring is my by far my favorite season. I love everything about it! The colors, the sounds, the weather, and the fact that its my birthday season.

I also really love spring fashion. This season always inspires me to play around with a more colorful wardrobe. For this outfit I definitely took advantage of the season change.

I purchased this light green top in my most recent thrift haul for $1.82. I am obsessed with the color and the texture of this top. It is such a fun and playful piece.

I pretty much created my outfit around the shirt. I wanted to maintain a playful vibe, so I decided to paired it a pair of white jeans,  a turquoise necklace,  and pink sparkly shoes.

(Photos by: My new blogger buddy, Monica)

Outfit Details:
 * Top - Ann Taylor - $1.81
 * Jeans - American Apparel - $5
 * Necklace - Ralph Lauren - $3  
    Shoes - Rhapsodielle - $10
| * = Thrifted |

What color scheme makes you think of spring?

Come Thrifting With Me #1

For St. Patrick's Day the consignment store, Trading Labels, held a "Fill a Bag for $20" sale. I obviously had to attend, because I am a sucker for a good deal. Watch the video below to come thrifting with me and to see the items I scored big on. For all of you Vegas thrifters, if you missed the sale, don't fret, they will be holding another one in November.

Which item was your favorite?

3 Ways to Wear White Denim Skirt

I fell in love with this white denim skirt by American Apparel (thrifted for under $5). It is such a versatile piece to wear during the spring and summer. Here are three ways to style a white denim skirt.

 Look 1: Classic

This first look is simple yet classic. I really like the navy and white color scheme. This look is perfect for a shopping day with the girls.

Outfit Details:
* Top - Ann Taylor
* Shoes - Report
* Skirt- American Apparel
* Belt - Target
| * = Thrifted |

Look 2: Casual

This second look is effortless and comfortable. Dressing down this skirt with a plain white tee, gives it a casual feel. This look is perfect for a girl's luncheon.

Outfit Details:
* Skirt- American Apparel
* Belt - Target
* Shoes - Report
   Top - Target
| * = Thrifted |

Look 3: Daring

This third look is bold and sexy. Pairing this skirt with a sheer turtleneck gives it a unexpected contrast. This look is perfect for a girl's night out.

Outfit Details:
* Top - Unknown
* Skirt- American Apparel
   Shoes - American Apparel
| * = Thrifted |

Which look do you like best?

Off the Shoulder Trend

I love to experiment with different styles, whether it be grunge, bohemian, hipster, etc.

During the warmer months, I am a sucker for anything girly or ruffley (is that a word?).
Off Shoulder Trend

I love to experiment with different styles, whether it be grunge, bohemian, hipster, etc. During the warmer months, I am a sucker for anything girly or ruffley (is that a word?). I was thrilled when I found this off the shoulder top at Savers, because this piece has been trending lately. By thrifting this top, I was able to try a new trend, without spending a lot of money. I bought the top for $4.20. My verdict on this trend? The off the shoulder top is cute, but its a hassle! I feel like the shoulders kept falling. Any tips on how to prevent that from happening?

If you like to experiment with your style and trends, I would suggest going to the thrift store; that way you can find trendy pieces without spending a lot of money.

Outfit Details:
* Top - Forever 21
* Sandals - Forever 21
   Shorts - Hottie's World
| * = Thrifted |