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All My Friends are Natural

Whenever I throw a get together, I can’t help but notice the majority of my friends are rocking their naturally curly hair. It’s funny, because it has gotten to the point where people point out to me that pretty much all of my friends are naturals.  Some people have even mentioned that they feel out of place if they show up to one of my get togethers with their hair straightened. I find it so interesting because only 5 years ago, this wouldn’t have been the norm.

I love that more women, including a lot of my friends, are rocking their natural hair! I had a conversation the other day about how grateful I am that the black natural hair movement has been a thing. Society has told black women for so long that they are not beautiful. But now, women of color around the world are embracing their natural hair and beauty, giving society’s skewed beauty standards a much-deserved kick in the butt.

Although the natural hair movement has been huge in black communities, I noticed women of other ethnicities have not embraced their naturally curly hair as widely. I’m usually shocked to find out when my non-black friends tell me that their hair is naturally curly or wavy. I’m even more surprised when they tell me they don’t feel like they could wear their natural hair in public. I hope that the current natural hair movement can and will encourage women of all ethnicities to embrace their hair as it is. In 2018, let’s all kick society’s beauty standards in the butt and proudly embrace our natural hair. <3

Photos by:Lucky’s Camera

Do you wear your hair in its natural state?

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  • Kendra
    January 24, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Natural hair is beautiful in all forms. I remember when I didn’t like my natural hair because it looked different than the norm and now it still does but I’m surrounded by women with the same quality. 💕

  • Jeanette Radmall
    January 24, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    I love these photos and I LOVE your hair! So perfect just the way it is!!