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All My Friends are Natural

Whenever I throw a get together, I can’t help but notice the majority of my friends are rocking their naturally curly hair. It’s funny, because it has gotten to the point where people point out to me that pretty much all of my friends are naturals.  Some people have even mentioned that they feel out of place if they show up to one of my get togethers with their hair straightened. I find it so interesting because only 5 years…

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Featured Sustainable

Sustainable Swaps #1

Sustainable Plastic Replacement

One of my goals for 2017 was to create less plastic waste. I am slowly making the change to live a more sustainable lifestyle, so this year I will slowly be swapping out wasteful items for more sustainable options. Below are a few of my zero waste swaps for the month of January. (Please note this post contains some affiliate links.) 1. Stainless Steel Straw When searching for a sustainable straw, I wanted something silicon, because I was scared of…

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Featured Outfits

How to Wear Yellow

Thrifted Yellow Dress

Yellow is such a beautiful color, however I am usually terrified to wear it. I don’t want to end up looking like a(n) [insert anything obnoxiously yellow here]. So to be safe I stay away from this color. That was until I learned about Color Analysis, and realized that yellow clothing shouldn’t be scary to wear, (if it is the right shade of yellow). Basically with color analysis, you can determine the right shades for your skin tone according to…

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