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Raw Honey Challenge

With school in session, it has been difficult for me to maintain my daily beauty routine. The most important part of my routine I have been slacking on is washing my face. If I go a more than two days without washing my face, my skin breaks out immediately. I tried washing with just water for a quicker routine, but this did nothing for me. Thankfully, I did some research online and discovered that raw honey has many facial benefits. For some reason, I like the idea of using honey rather than actual face wash. After reading about the benefits, I headed to my local Trader Joe’s to try it for myself. On Wednesday, September 24th, I began my Raw Honey Face Wash Challenge. I will be using raw honey and water for a week to see if I have positive results. So far I am optimistic about this product, I really hope it works for me. I guess we will see in a week. 


Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Honey ($5.99): I take a small amount of honey (enough to cover the pad of my index finger) and a little water then rub it together. I either rinse immediately with warm water or for a deeper clean, I leave the honey mask on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Problem Areas: When I do not wash my face, my chin, cheeks, and forehead are the first to break out. I am hoping that after a week of usage these three areas will be clear. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.


What do you wash your face with?
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