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Thrifting Advice: Blinded By Brand

Whenever I go thrift shopping I constantly become “blinded by brands.” I find myself grabbing a top, not because I like it, but because it has a Zara tag or a Ralph Lauren tag attached. Yes, it is exciting to find name brand items for extremely low prices, but it becomes a problem when deep down you know that that you will never wear the item. I have found myself being blinded all the way until check out. I tell myself I do not like the item, but that expensive brand speaks to me for some reason. Eventually, I will give up the item, but it takes a lot in me to do so. This month I have gotten a little bit better with not clinching to an item just because of its name. Here are some questions I ask myself to help avoid being blinded by brands.

Will someone else cherish the item more than I will? This is the main question I must ask myself when thrifting. If I have any doubts about purchasing an item, I must think about others. Will someone else like the item more than I do? I would hate to purchase an item that I sort of like, especially when there’s a chance someone else may end up loving it.


Am I being selfish? I hate to admit, but thrift shopping has turned me into a very selfish shopper. I want to grab every item, simply because I saw it first. This is very similar to my first point. If I don’t love the item, I have to realize I am being selfish and put it away for someone else to have.


Does this match my style? When shopping I find myself grabbing nice, name brand items that do not match my style at all. This question allows me to appreciate the item while comparing it to my own personal style. It helps me consider if it is something I will wear. If I decide that I can only get one or two uses out of it, I will put the item down and hope someone will appreciate it more than I would.


Would I buy this if it was not name brand? I try to ignore the brand, but that is easier said than done. It is not like I can avoid seeing the tag all the way until I get home. Since it is difficult to avoid seeing the tag, this question helps me determine if I truly like the item or if I only like the brand. If I decide I only like the brand, I will put the item back immediately. 

Do you have any helpful tips to avoid being “blinded” by brands?

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