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Interview with Ms. Lonely Heart Vintage

Tell me about yourself and how Ms. Lonely Heart Vintage came to be. I went to school in a very southern country town and did not fit in. My style did not fit in and I longed to get to a big city, so I could feel normal. So I went to the city and my goal was to get into some kind of clothing industry. I got to the city and unfortunately, it was a lot of gigs of waitressing…

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Hauls Swaps

Swaps Galore

Carols Daughter Hair Milk

I feel like I am always posting about swap parties. My friends are I are really embracing the swaps and are planning on hosting them at least twice a year. I feel like these swaps will eventually take over my blog and be the only content I create. Hahaha. I promise too add more variety and not over post about swap parties, but who am I kidding? They are too fun and too cute not to share.   This month I had…

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Hauls Video

Huge Fall Clothing Haul

Happy Saturday! I’m back with a huuuuuuggggge clothing haul featuring items I picked up at a couple of clothing swaps this month. I’ll be posting photos from the swaps later this week, so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.   Which items were your favorite?…

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How to Survive Black Friday Shopping

For all of you brave ladies planning on shopping this Friday, here are 7 tips to hopefully help you get through the shopping madness that is Black Friday:   Choose your stores: Do some research on which stores you’ll be shopping this year. Here’s a list of Black Friday sales going on in Las Vegas. Create a game plan: After you figure out which stores you want to shop, figure out which stores open first. Schedule your day based on store…

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Black Friday Thrift Store Deals

Black Friday Shopping

This year, I’m debating whether or not I should go shopping for Black Friday. For the past few years, I would wake up super early with my girl Kenni, to hit up all of the thrift stores. Here are some of my Black Friday finds from the previous years (2015 & 2014).   As of today, I do not plan on going out shopping on Black Friday. I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the day sleeping in and relaxing…maybe.…

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Thrifted Gift Ideas

Thrifting presents for the holidays is a great way to get something for everyone on your list without having to spend a ton of money. Watch the video above for some of my favorite thrifted gift ideas.   How do you feel about gifting/receiving thrifted gifts?…

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My Menstrual Cup

lena menstrual cup

Last week was my first time using a menstrual cup. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about these cups over the years, but I was skeptical towards the hype. That is, until I realized that there is a valid reason for the hype. Now that I’m on-board with this fancy little cup, here are some reasons why I am loving it.   I love my menstrual cup because…

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Sustainable Video

The Boob Diaries #1

I gave up bras about 4 or 5 years ago. My boyfriend actually suggested that I stop wearing bras, and I thought he was crazy! I could never go braless. I didn’t want to walk around with people being able to see my nipples through my shirt! I shortly got over that mindset once I actually went out without a bra for the first time. It was so comfortable, and no one even noticed that I wasn’t wearing one (well,…

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Gift Guide

Ethical Holiday Gift Guide #1

Holiday Gift Guide For Her Relaxation

This holiday season, I’m participating in Ethical Hour’s #ShopEthicalInstead movement. Meaning no crazy shopping trips to the mall for gifts on Black Friday. Instead, I will purchase presents from locally-owned and/or ethical businesses.   I encourage you to consider joining the movement as well. If any of you are interested, I’ll be creating several gift guides this month featuring affordable, ethical products.   This first gift guide provides ethical gift options, perfect for the ladies who enjoy lazy-days of relaxation. Trying…

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Featured Outfits


Listen, I am so in love with this shirt. It’s starting to become a problem. I’ve already worn it three separate times this week. Don’t judge me. lol. But really, this shirt has been a great conversation starter and has even led to some insightful race-related conversations which I’m always excited about. I wish it were acceptable to wear the same thing every day, because this would definitely be my permanent outfit of choice.   Outfit Details: Shirt – Fresh…

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