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Best Thrift Stores in Las Vegas

Best Thrift Stores Las Vegas

Whenever I’m on vacation, I always search for a list of the city’s best thrift stores. I love thrifting at places the locals recommend. So whether its through blogger or yelper suggestions, I make sure to shop where the thrifters go. With that being said, I figured I should compile a list of the best thrift shops in Las Vegas to help tourists and locals find amazing deals. Here are what I consider to be the best thrift shops in…

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4 Must Have Natural Hair Products – In the Desert

Desert natural hair

Keeping naturally curly hair moisturized in the desert can be a daunting task. With the desert’s dry, harsh climate, it seems like it was designed to deprive us curly girls of moisture. Thankfully there are some products and tools available to restore moisture in even the dryest of climates.   Here are 4 products/tools that can help you retain moisture in the desert:   Shower Water Filter: The desert is notorious for its “hard” water. Hard water contains harsh minerals…

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Thrift Tips

Thrifty Back-To-School Tips

Save money back to school shopping

It’s that time of year again, Back-to-School season! I’m not going to lie, I used to be so excited for back to school season because I loved shopping for school supplies and outfits. I miss having a reason to shop for new stationery and clothing. Even though I am a college graduate now (soo weird to say), I thought I’d share my thrifty tips with anyone entering college or university. These tips will hopefully save you time, stress, and most…

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Outfits Swaps Video

Style Swap with AliAdrift

My friend Ali and I thought it would be fun to switch styles for a day…and wear those styles in public! We decided to go to Savers Thrift Store to pick out outfits for each other to wear to a nice dinner at Olive Garden. The experience was really fun and I love the outfits we picked for each other. Watch Alison’s video below to see the outfit I picked for her: Which outfit did you like the best?…

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How to Wear Yellow

Thrifted Yellow Dress

Yellow is such a beautiful color, however I am usually terrified to wear it. I don’t want to end up looking like a(n) [insert anything obnoxiously yellow here]. So to be safe I stay away from this color. That was until I learned about Color Analysis, and realized that yellow clothing shouldn’t be scary to wear, (if it is the right shade of yellow). Basically with color analysis, you can determine the right shades for your skin tone according to…

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How to Host a Clothing Swap Party


Clothing swap parties are currently on the rage in Vegas, or so it seems! I have scored such great items at each swap I’ve attended (see what I got at swap 1 and swap 2). I enjoyed the swap parties so much that I decided to host my own clothing swap. So I guess I’ve been to a total of 3 (click here to see what I got from the swap I hosted)! If you are thrifty, like myself, you…

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Flower Power

Savers never disappoints when it comes to dresses. I scored this dress at Savers for only $6. I live for dresses with high necklines and monotone colors. My favorite detail about this dress is the floral cut outs on the sides. I tied this look together with the oxford sneakers I scored from the Steve Madden Outlet, my thrifted circle bag, and these big bug-eyed glasses that I could never seem to find a reason to wear.   Outfit Details:…

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Hauls Outfits Swaps

Huge Thrift & Swap Haul

I’m finally back with a thrift haul! I haven’t made one of these in awhile. I wanted to share with you all of the items I thrifted over the last few months. This haul features items from Goodwill, Savers, and the clothing swap I hosted. So far this is probably one of my favorite hauls because a lot of the items were free! Which item was your favorite?…

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Beauty Bash – Make Up Do’s & Dont’s


I know very little about doing makeup. After being alive for 23 years, I have come to terms with my lack of makeup skills. Since my makeup skills are total crap, I usually wear a bareface or mascara (if I’m feeling adventurous lol).   I was super excited when I received an invite to the Beauty Bash event at the Miracle Mile Shops, because I knew this was my opportunity to learn a thing or two about make up. The…

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Wine & Canvas Recap (+ Giveaway)


I just attended my first Wine & Canvas event. I think this would be a cute activity fora date night or for a girl’s night out. For this night’s theme, we painted a tie and a masquerade mask in honor of the series 50 Shades of Grey. The nice thing about this class is that there is an instructor that gives step-by-step directions on how to complete the painting. There are also helpers to give one-on-one assistance on steps you…

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